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About us

For more than 15 years, SPID established itself as one of the main developers and producers of Polypropylene cells trays in France as well as in Europe and in the whole world.

Located in Brittany (in the north-west of France) an important vegetable region, SPID positions itself as a leader in the horticulture and vegetable market.

Thanks to its know-how and its skilled experience, SPID offers a wide range of injected plastic cells trays for vegetable, flower, strawberry and tree young plants.

Our trays in Euro size (60x40 cm)

Our trays in Danish size (54x30 cm)

Our strawberry trays

Our other trays

Always ready to listen to its customers, the main goal of SPID is to meet any of their requirements. That’s why our products are in a continuous evolution and are today available in more than twenty different model sizes.

Developed in partnership with professionals of the horticulture and vegetable sectors, SPID products have been designed to ensure a uniform development and an optimal quality for your young plants. Moreover, SPID is committed in the environmental issues and all our products are 100% recyclable.

Our trays are made of Polypropylene (PP), one of the most environmental friendly plastics.

Your young plants deserve quality the most economical and environmental way: that is what SPID offers.



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