SPID is based in Brittany, an important agricultural region in north-west France, and has been at the fore front of the development and production of Polypropylene seedling trays for more than 20 years. SPID is a leader in the vegetable and horticultural propagation market, throughout France, Europe and the whole world. As a result of our technical knowledge and the experience of our growers, SPID can offer a wide range of over 20 types of injected plastic trays for young vegetable, flower, strawberry and tree plants. For us, customer service is a main priority.

We always listen to our customers in order to meet their individual requirements. As a result, our products are constantly evolving and today we offer over 20 different models. Through partnerships with professionals (experts) in the horticultural and vegetable industries, SPID products have been designed to ensure uniform development, to provide easy mechanisation and to optimise quality in your young plants. Moreover, SPID is committed to the environment. All our products are 100% recyclable as our trays are made of Polypropylene (PP). Choose SPID and choose quality, efficiency and performance.